Erinn Chang

Raised with yoga & meditation, Erinn established a career path in holistic health after obtaining a Bachelor degree in Human Ecology.

Certified in 2005 at Kripalu Center, the nation's largest institute of yoga training, she went on to gain further training and credential in meditation, restorative, yin, biomechanical function, physiology & anatomy, hot hatha, and vinyasa. Currently she is completing a new, advanced credential of RYT1000 professional yoga certification taught by industry leaders from various yogic traditions, and available only at Kripalu.

She is certified in Upledger Institute's Craniosacral Therapy, bringing anatomical knowledge and informed hands-on guidance.

Additionally, Erinn is a Holistic Health Coach, earning certification through Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC.

She is also trained in Spatial Energy Work, which involves the healthy configuration of energies in the home environment.

With more than 13,000 hours of teaching experience, decades of study, and lifelong personal practice, her spirited energy and informed perspectives imbue each session.

Originally from Maine, where she co-founded the area's premiere holistic health & yoga center, Erinn now resides in Scarsdale, NY. She works with clients in a one-on-one private capacity, leads workshops, and conducts teacher training and mentoring throughout Westchester County, NY. On a daily, moment-by-moment basis, yogic practices are the pillars of her personal and professional existence.

In-Residence Private Yoga


A physically therapeutic application of yoga to release tension, recuperate mobility, relieve stress, and relax deeply. Ideal for stress reduction and relief from daily aches and pains. Beneficial for recovery from injury, surgery, or illness. An essential to complement vigorous or high-impact exercise regimens.


Focus on core and muscle engagement for total body condition. Stretch and flex to develop lean muscle. Includes posture flow for a cardiovascular element and posture holds for endurance. Ideal for diversifying an existing workout regimen. Essential for advancing an existing yoga practice. Benefits any level of fitness at all ages to enhance quality of life through optimal physical capability.


Foundational principles of alignment and engagement in fundamental yoga postures which encompass forward folds, balances, inversions, backward bends, rotations, and vinyasa. Develop breath techniques which are integral to yoga. Essential for a safe and effective yoga experience. Ideal for any one new to yoga, with any athletic or non-athletic background. Beneficial for experienced yogis to augment existing abilities and refine current practices.


integrative energy modalities incorporating CST, crystals, sound, and intuitive body scan reading

energy coaching through consultative dialogue to gain and refine the skills to understand and manage personal energy flows and ratios of input / output

spatial energy work conducted onsite for energetic health and balance in the home environment

Holistic Wellness Selections


  • Yoga*
  • Meditation*
  • Pranayama or Breathwork*
  • Yoga Nidra or Relaxation
  • Biomechanical or Functional Body Scan



  • Craniosacral (CST)
  • Energy Work (vibration, crystal, oils)
  • Energy Coaching*
  • Spatial Energy Work
  • Holistic Nutrition Coaching
  • *remote format available via Skype/FaceTime



  • 1/2 day to 3 day intervals
  • Your choice of location, theme & companions
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